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October 27, 2015 -


Trustworthy -
Respectful -
Responsible -
Fairness -
Citizenship -

Find definition, make tagxedo.

March 27, 2014

1. Powertyping test - Lesson 6R

2. Career Prezi - Work to complete career Prezi. Include

Inspiration, Summary and Citation slides. Spell/Check

Prezi. Edit each slide so it only has 3 to 4 facts and use

bullets if needed. (Bullets are found on your top tool


3. When Prezi is complete, go to the freerice.com or to

edheads.com, unless told to assist another student.

A. Keyboard test PT lesson 5R-

Fill wpm's in Excel workbook for 2nd trimester.

B. Career Prezi -

Continue to create a Prezi about your future career-

Include slides about the following:

1. Title slide with pic or image

2. Definition

3. History

4. Education

5. Training or Internships

6. Salary - (Beginning and Average)

7. Inspiration

8. Summary - What have you learned about your career?

9. Citations

May 30, 2013

Go to your wall to make your wish.
Complete WWII research paper - edit, type and bibliography.

St. Veronica - Grade 8

nancy's wiki
GRADE 8 - March 29, 2012
Remember, according to the PA D.A., you must be 13 to have aFacebook. If you are younger 13 years old, delete yourFacebook.

Go to Power Typing and type lesson 6 for practice.

Continue, after typing practice to complete the Vocation/Careers Powerpoint. In powerpoint, include 9


1. Title Slide

2. Description Slide

3. Requirements Slide

4. Training Slide

5. Salary Slide

6. Inspiration Slide

7. Summary Slide

8. Citation Slide

Be sure to save after every slide. When completed, be sure to spell/grammar check.

If you have time, minimize and go to FirstinMath.